High quality standards for productions

Solid Stream Oy has high quality standards for its productions. Our policy is to make it as straightforward and easy as possible to present and participate in an event, whether physical or virtual. That means carefully preparing, testing, guiding and supporting remote performers through the broadcast - just like a real event. We always provide you with a single point of contact for the entire production. No bouncing around and explaining things all over again!
We recognise that technical solutions should not be an obstacle to a smooth performance and we strive to remove any uncertainty. Each performer is tested individually to ensure the quality of the AV technology, as well as the quality of the internet connection. Careful testing also eliminates surprises in the content of the performance and allows us to plan how best to present the content.
Striimaus setup vantaalla

The performer can concentrate solely on the performance

We want the performer to be able to concentrate solely on their own performance, not on extra technical adjustments. For this reason, in our remote productions we do not screen capture over the internet, but the performer remotely controls their performance, which is captured locally for broadcast from our studio. Solid Stream also plays the video files directly into the broadcast, so they are not recycled over the network multiple times. Thanks to these solutions, the performer's internet connection is not so hard, i.e. even a slower connection is sufficient for high-quality video and sound.
We always ensure the quality of your broadcasts with at least two streaming technicians. For webinars, this means that one technician manages the remote performers and is always on hand to support while the other technician mixes the actual broadcast. We support remote performers throughout the broadcast, instructing them directly into the headphones if necessary. For livestreams, we always have a technician on hand to help with mics, performances and more, to keep the event running smoothly and on schedule.
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Full control out loud

We have full control over the audio and what's on the air, and we react immediately to any problems. There are no awkward moments in Solid Stream productions when a remote performer is trying to get a screen capture or microphone to work. Just because an event is virtual doesn't mean it can't be smooth and professional!
The streaming service we offer is completely different from Teams, Zoom, etc., which do not allow full control of the broadcast. We also record the broadcasts in a much higher quality than the aforementioned services.

Become a customer and see for yourself how well live broadcasting can be done!