On the way to the studio

Solid Stream studio laajakuva
The studio from a streamer's perspective

On my way to the studio, I arrive at Valimo train station in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, and set off in search of "Solid's studio". The navigator is set at höyläämötie 18. With a quick glance, I'm pleased to see that it only takes a few minutes to walk there.

After meandering between buildings, I have reached the lift lobby of a large office building. Take the lift to the fourth floor and I'm very close. Signposts made of stickers lead me behind the door where the familiar logo already appears. I knock on the door and it opens almost immediately.

Kollaasi sisääntuloaulasta ja studion antimista
studio and it's offerings

Welcome! Classic "did you find your way well" and nothing more than a cup of coffee. The atmosphere is cosy and the guys seem to be in good spirits. We go through the day's programme and review what the performer should be aware of during the broadcast. I feel relaxed when I find myself in the company of professionals. Everything has been thought out and I don't have to concentrate on anything but my own performance. 

studio vieraan näkökulmasta, taustalla henkilö kädet ojennettuna
studio from the visitor's point of view

The performance went well and now I can breathe a sigh of relief. After a moment of relaxation, it's time to head downtown. I grab my feet and head to Valimo station, 12 minutes from Helsinki city centre. Sitting on the train, I find myself marveling at how smoothly the day went. 

Time passes and an "advertisement" for Solid's open doors pops up in front of me on social media. There doesn't seem to be an address on the poster, but luckily I know where it is. I arrive at a familiar office and a microphone appears in front of my face. I get through the situation honourably only to hear that I had just been live on air. That's all there is to it. The atmosphere is relaxed and the buzz of speech keeps the Friday afternoon going nicely. I understand something was recorded on tape.  

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Ohhoh! That was some action. At least the guys don't run out of technique. You could make any kind of broadcast from there...