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We got there on time, but the security check was so tight that it took a crisp twenty minutes to put the stream together. We discovered that you can't just walk into the parliament. However, the event was able to start on time and everything went well. We were very pleased to be able to carry out an event on such an important issue.

Striimaus pikkuparlamentista
The full streaming equipment went trough the x-ray machine



For 140 years, HelsinkiMissio has been developing solutions to social problems. But loneliness is a big and challenging problem to solve. Loneliness comes in many forms. You can be surrounded by people and still be really lonely. You can even be in a relationship and still feel lonely. Loneliness is everywhere and we have probably all experienced it. 


The signatory has also experienced loneliness, but fortunately not while writing this text. As a society, we are relatively closed and taciturn. For someone who has been left behind by family, friends or work, it can be very challenging to find a support network when needed. Fortunately, HelsinkiMissio exists and is there to help those who need it. The problem, however, is that those who need help may not want to seek it. It is difficult to admit to yourself that you are lonely. 

striimaus pikkuparlamentista
Stripping from the Small Parliament

How can loneliness be reduced?

Loneliness can be reduced through action. Meet someone new at work or school and ask them how they are or how they are doing. It doesn't cost anything, but it could be the saving grace of the day for someone. So eradicating loneliness is all about listening to others. It's more challenging if the person you're paying attention to has already been lonely for so long that they don't know how to take attention. There are many reasons for loneliness. From a change in family relationships to the loss of a partner or a change of job or location can cause loneliness. Loneliness can be reduced if everyone takes responsibility. 


In the rush of everyday life, it's easy to forget the basics. It is extremely important for people to feel that they belong to something. At the time of writing, I am wearing a shirt with the word "outsider" written in big letters on the back. I myself have often felt like an outsider, but over time I have found other "outsiders" in my life, and together we are no longer alone. 

Streaming connects people regardless of location

So open your eyes and, above all, your ears. A lonely person may ask for help, but not say so directly. Text or call and ask for news. We all share this experience called life. 

It's a serious subject, but we don't have to be. Tell a joke and laugh about it like there's no tomorrow. Laughter prolongs life and is, in this sense, the opposite of loneliness.

Don't be left alone with your worries. HelsinkiMissio offers a range of loneliness-reducing services and opportunities to meet others. Find out more and get in touch:

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