Live streaming of the Finnish AFS event

AFS event livestreaming - the gang is here

We were involved in the live streaming of the Finnish AFS event. About a week before the broadcast, we visited the space and designed the technology to fit the space. We set up and tested everything the night before. 

We arrived on the morning of 25.11 and made sure that everything was ready for transmission. The event started at 10:00. The programme included speeches from different AFS actors from all over Finland and the world. It was great to hear how as an exchange student can be an eye-opening experience and how far-reaching the effects of understanding a foreign culture can be.

Event livestreaming technology

We heard the story of Europe and Corporate Governance Minister Anders Adlercreutz's youth in the Azores. In a village where there was almost nothing, there was everything you needed. The experience had helped me to understand how different life can be. The place had become a home. Minister Adlercreutz revisited the village after many years and the trip felt like a journey through time.

AFS Finland is doing important work. Smartphones have made it easy to get information from anywhere to everywhere, but it is quite another thing to go out and live in the field. Understanding a foreign culture is what drives a world for the better because we understand that diversity is richness. Learning another language opens the door to understanding another culture.


Tapahtuman Livestriimaus
Live streaming of the Finnish AFS event - a joint photo

The day progressed at a fast pace and the topic was discussed to the accompaniment of the presenters. The atmosphere was cosy and everyone who wanted to make their voice heard was able to do so. The end of the day was marked by panel discussion where there were some interesting contributions. It was great to see how, despite their different life situations and backgrounds, the panellists managed to have a harmonious discussion. The audience joined in and there was enough to keep them talking all evening.

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